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SIEMENS SIMATIC Tia  Portal V13 Update 3

SIEMENS SIMATIC TIA Portal V13 Update 3 | 1.28 GB

TIA Portal - is a unified engineering tool that combines the SIMATIC STEP 7 , SIMATIC WinCC and SINAMICS StartDrive. Limitless integration between these software products is unmatched in the industry , and this efficiency has never happened before .

Designing for the SIMATIC
For many years, SIMATIC STEP 7 was the standard and leading system design for programmable controllers . With SIMATIC STEP 7 V13 modular controllers and controllers based on the basis of SIMATIC PC, you can configure, program , test and diagnose. This standard is now integrated into a unified interface TIA Portal engineering for the following tasks :
* Using a single software package for all your automation solutions using a simple and efficient design for all controllers SIMATIC, from small to based on personal computers.
* Reduce design time by using high-performance, intelligent editors that speed controller programming .
* Significant reduction in training by intuitive methods "drag and drop" installation connections for HMI and network configurations.
* Improve the quality of your development by maintaining your proven engineering modular components in libraries and simply using them in your future developments.
* Protect your investment through increased compatibility with future innovative developments .
* Protect your resources through seamless integration of Machine Safety.
Designing for SIMATIC HMI
To meet all the needs of visualization , including the functionality of SCADA, family SIMATIC HMI device contains everything from basic panels (Basic Panels) and SIMATIC Comfort Panels to solutions based on SIMATIC PC with the functionality of SCADA. All of these devices can be programmed using a single software package : SIMATIC WinCC V13.
Integration of SIMATIC WinCC V13 in the TIA Portal provides the user with :
* Compatible design for the entire family HMI - from basic panels (Basic Panel) to SCADA systems for each HMI- application.
* Protect your investment with a simple upgrade , c transition with SIMATIC HMI panels machine to full SCADA solutions .
* Reduce design time by using your HMI -oriented tasks and intuitive user features specifically designed for high-performance engineering.
* Reduce the time to configure communications system using the procedure "drag and drop" data access all of your controllers.
Designing for the SINAMICS
There are many motion control applications , used for automation solutions . For a variety of options of projects of different power levels and applications , from simple speed control to complex motion control tasks , use powerful tools for input and operation , operation and diagnostics. Based on proven tools SINAMICS applications using SINAMICS G120 configured with StartDrive V12, which will be integrated into a unified interface TIA Portal engineering for the following tasks :
* Reduce time spent configuring the SINAMICS drive with simple and effective tools for parameterization masters install and run applications .
* Reduce downtime with integrated diagnostic tools drives.
* Reduce the time to start using the easy to use built-in tool drive commissioning .
* Easy integration into your SINAMICS drive automation solutions with a unified interface TIA Portal.
Seamless integration of safety functions
Siemens machine seamlessly integrates security features for standard automation solutions . This is done by design . Security Functions SIMATIC STEP 7 , similar to the intuitive user interface, the standard used to design programs. This makes the creation of security applications simple. Security programs are created using programming languages ??SIMATIC STEP 7 : Ladder and Function Block, together with the integration of functional modules certified T?V (Technischer ?berwachings-Verein) ( German Union of technical control ) .

What's new
* Support for new types of controllers S7-1500 and S7-1200
* Ability to work multiple developers on the same project
* Automatic search for software updates
* A large number of user interface enhancements
* The development of programming languages LAD, FBD, STL, SCL, GRAPH
With a package Startdrive You can configure the frequency converter SINAMICS directly from TIA PORTAL. ?






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